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This is a suggested method-- feel free to experiment. *** These instructions are given as recommendations ONLY and should NOT be considered as professional advise). ***


Human hair extensions

Glue Sticks

Fusion Glue Gun


Rattail comb

Hair clips

Clear Plastic Disk

Two mirrors (to view front and back of your hair)

1. First you must determine your work zone where your extensions will be applied. Never apply extensions within one inch of your hairline anywhere on your head, this allows you to wear your hair up in a pony tail or up-do And have a natural hairline always


2. Pull all your hair up into a clip just above the ear (about 1inch above the ear), to keep it out of the way of the area you will be working in.

3. Start working half an inch above the ear at the back of your head. Make a part across the back of the head ear to ear.

4. Clip all the hair below the part out of the way.

5. Make another part inch above the original part. Clip all the above this part out of the way. The hair that is left between the two parts is what you will attach your fusion hair to.

6. Using the rattail comb make two vertical parts inch apart in the hair that is left free . You will then have a inch square of natural hair left. This is important: do not grab a large piece of hair to attach your extension to!

7. Place the section of hair through the hole in the clear disk. Hold the hair in place using a small duckbill clip.

8. Use scissors to cut your extension hair to a blunt and even edge.

9. Load the fusion glue gun with two glue sticks. Cover your work area with aluminum foil to protect it from the hot glue. If the adhesive is coming out of the gun too fast , pull back slightly on the glue stick. This will decrease the pressure on the glue inside the gun.


10. Place the nozzle of the gun into the blunt edge

Of the hair extension. Release a small bead of glue.

11. Place the extension hair under the inch section of natural hair. Leave the clear disk in place for now. Bring the natural hair down to meet the extension. The natural hair sticks to the adhesive.

12. Roll the soft adhesive back and forth between the thumb and forefinger until the hair extension is firmly attached.

13. You are now finished with your first extension application process. Continue working with this process throughout your hair until you have added the amount of hair extensions to create your desirable hair style.



Removing fusion hair extensions

1. Saturate the adhesive connection with the remover.

2. Place the tip of the heated fusion gun directly on top of the adhesive connection, until it melts down through the natural hair.

3. Check to be sure that all of the adhesive has been removed from the hair before you attempt to shampoo it out. If the hair is still sticky, where the adhesive was, you will need to reapply the heat again until the adhesive is totally melted. Continue working until all the extensions are removed.

4. Shampoo and condition your hair.

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